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iDevWorks SurfStation 9.0 extends the performance, reliability, quality, and ease-of-use of iDevWorks SurfStation version 8.0. iDevWorks SurfStation 9.0 includes several new features that make it an excellent billing platform for large-scale cyber-cafes, and corporate LANs that require efficient and robust billing software.

Flexible Ticketing

You might decide to run a bonanza to increase sales by making certain tickets cheap for certain times of the day. For example if you are experiencing low early-in-the-day patronage, you could set 8am-11am tickets at a 30% rebate or even Night browsing. SS9 ensures that a ticket for a bonanza period cannot be used for regular peak browsing hours.

Server Security

SurfStation 9.0 has been raised to a much higher level of security than previously known in the industry. The server now has much more staff permissions compared to previous versions, meaning that you can now delegate different kinds of tasks to different cafe staff.

Client security

The client has also been made more secure from potential hackers. There are known hacking methods, the most sophisticated and successful being downloading and running a process viewer that is then subsequently used to terminate a timer's process. Such process viewers are numerous and freely available for download from the Internet. They simply make a call to a Windows function "TerminateProcess()" that unconditionally kills any process on the computer. SurfStation Client has been protected from such process viewers and as such cannot be terminated.


New to SurfStation 9.0 is three new kinds of restrictions.

    1. Blocking websites. You can now restrict customers from certain harmful sites that are known to infect systems with viruses. Also, SurfStation comes with pre-blocked websites (mostly pornographic sites)
    2. Blocking Programs. You can restrict what applications users are allowed to run on the workstations. You may want to block some bandwidth intensive programs like email Extractors, Email Spider etc.
    3. System Policies. This feature - although not entirely new - has been improved on to contain more system limiting restrictions like hiding Drives A:, C: and the CD-ROM drive. Also, policies to prevent downloading to your workstations and tampering with system settings can be applied.

Print Billing

SurfStation includes a "cafe printers" module that handles all printing operations on your cafe. Customers time is automatically deducted when a print job is printed by such customer. You can also set different rates for different types of printers in your cafe.

Text Messaging - SMS

SurfStation brings you a unique service in partnership with Now your customers can send text messages to any mobile phone anywhere in the world, and YOU make money from that! The customer is simply billed by deducting from his browsing time! Moreover, you can set how much you wish to sell your SMS credits, thereby giving you control as to how much you make.